Flight Simulator of an Airplane from the I. World War

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Flight Simulator of an Airplane from the I. World War for the museum of flight in Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic)
implementation date: 30.03.2015
type implementation: Simulation
location: Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

The flight simulators were developed and implemented for the purpose of presentation of flying on this type of airplanes.

Two types of airplanes were built in the project:

  • German Fokker
  • Britisch S.E.5

The simulators are equipped with 3-channel visualization system, which is embedded in the cockpit construction in order to optimally cover the pilot’s field of view. The pilot is fully attracted by the virtual reality without being disturbed by the environment.

The feeling of flight is further enhanced by the 3-DoF motion platform, which reproduces motion effects.

Both simulator are connected at the level of virtual reality, hence dogfights can be simulated including shooting and hits.

More information about the operation of the simulators can be found on the operator’s website: http://www.letecke-muzeum-metodeje-vlacha.cz/