Car Driving Simulator

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Car Driving Simulator for Car Driving Schools
implementation date: 31.10.2012
type implementation: Simulation
location: BESIP

The car driving simulator was developed for presentation purposes of the Czech Ministry of Transportation. The construction and software equipment envisages its use for car driving schools, where it can substitute up to 50 % of the practical training of 1st stage, 30 % of 2nd stage and 15 % of the 3rd stage. Together it is possible to substitute 10 hours from required 28 hours.

The simulator is equipped with 2DoF motion platform, which classifies the simulator into 4th (highest) category, whilst keeping very low acquisition costs.

Training scenarios include both basic training (city, high-way, country) and scenarios for coping emergency situation (tire defect, sudden obstacle, sudden change of adhesion condition).