Engineering Services

Machined Components

We can provide machining services both for in-house production and other customers. The following equipment is available at our manufacturing premises:

  • Cosen SH-1016JA band saw
  • SU 32 lathe
  • SV 18 RA lathe – 355 x 1200
  • POREBA TR 70B lathe – 630 x 2500
  • ME 250 milling machine
  • FA 4H milling machine
  • Infratiera plane
  • 2H 135 drill press
  • VR 5K coordinate drilling machine


Welding and Metal Products

We also provide various welding and metalworking services for our customers. The following equipment is available at our manufacturing premises:

  • JACKLE 60 plasma cutter – thickness up to 20 mm
  • PP 315 semi-automatic gas-shielded welding machine
  • KITin 150 welding inverter
  • coated electrode welding machine
  • common electrical and manual metalworking tools – shears, bending machines, drilling machines, etc.


Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Systems

Our services include also design and manufacturing of hydraulic systems, in particular those used in our products, such as in motion platforms for simulators and hydraulic systems for entertainment industry solutions. These units are also used in various control and handling devices. We cooperate with many well-known companies such as Argo-Hytos, Parker, HydrauliCS, Bosch, Charvát, etc. To provide our clients with quality products, we use a Parker Senso Control device capable of measuring the temperature, pressure and flow rate in hydraulic circuits.

Theme Park Rides

We are always happy to help our customers wishing to get new theme park rides. Pragolet can cover all stages of the project, from the initial design to feasibility study, technical documentation and manufacturing. In addition, we provide a certified Declaration of Conformity required for this type of products. Upon request, we can also provide Declarations of Conformity for third-party products.