New catalogue of motion platforms
A new actualized catalogue ofmotion platforms is available for download in pdf format.
A paper "Model Predictive Motion Cueing Algorithm for a Truck Simulator" has been presented at the 27th European Simulation and Modelling Conference in Lancaster (UK).
Our Flight Simulator has been presented at the official stand of the Czech Technical University during the International Engineering Fair 2013 in Brno (Czech Republic).
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is a Czech limited liability company focused primarily on the design, development and manufacturing of simulation technology, in particular motion platforms for aircraft and vehicle simulators. In addition, our main portfolio includes simulation equipment and solutions for motion cinemas and entertainment simulators. Apart from the core product range, Pragolet offers additional services such as ride and playground inspections, design, development and implementation of control and hydraulic systems, and general engineering services.

Our customers can benefit from comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs, delivered as end-to-end projects – from initial design to detailed development and successful implementation. Drawing on our high expertise we help our clients in obtaining the best solutions for their business. Our high quality standards are guaranteed by a core team of experienced professionals supported by a large international network of renowned simulation technology manufacturers.