About Us

Pragolet was founded in 1992, a period of major economic turmoil in the Czech Republic. Large businesses were facing significant economic difficulties and had to try and react to the new situation. As a natural response smaller, more flexible companies started to crop up, taking over a part of the know-how and viable production range. This is how Pragolet, too, was born. The business was founded by long-time experienced professionals of LETOV a.s., a major Czech aircraft manufacturer with a history dating back to before the second world war and also well-known for their training aircraft simulators. The company’s team was further bolstered by seasoned experts from the former CKD Lokomotivka. Over the time, Pragolet established itself as one of the leading Czech companies in the area of simulation technology and theme park rides, implementing many technically challenging projects. Today, Pragolet is a stable, prospering business with own production premises, a team of highly skilled experts and enough young blood to ensure great flexibility and further growth.